Danelaw Villagers

Join the Danelaw Villagers as they live daily life as it would be over a thousand years ago. We live and work in the buildings as they would have been in everyday life.

See the woodworker shaping wood for building materials using equipment that would be recognised by today’s carpenter, and then repairing and maintaining the houses in the authentic way.

See the wise woman of the village tending her garden where she grows all kinds of plants to help, medicines and food, but beware – she knows which plants heal and which ones harm so make sure you keep her sweet!

Join the children of the village playing games and see their families making food and mending clothes whilst teaching the next generation how to survive in the tenth century.

Ask any of our villagers about how life has changed and yet how much is the same today – we’re a friendly, chatty bunch of Viking settlers!

The Danelaw Villagers – building, growing, spinning, sewing, weaving, cooking, working, playing and living in a Danelaw Village. 

2nd/3rd July, 13th/14th August, 3rd/4th Sept, 8th/9th Oct

This event is FREE with a valid annual pass.

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