At Murton Park

Over 20,000 school children are welcomed to Murton Park every year to step back in time...

Costumed hands-on educational activity days linked to the Key Stage Two history curriculum, brings history into the here and now. Murton Park is home to a range of recreated historical outdoor classrooms including a prehistoric village, Roman Fort, Viking Village and 1940 Evacuee Centre. Your group will have sole use of the space for the time period covered with a dedicated staff in appropriate period costume.

The aim is for children (and often accompanying adults) to be fully immersed in the past through roleplay and taking part in a range of award-winning activity related to the time period being studied.

The visit to Murton Park is one that lives long in the memory and is often cited by children as their best school trip and even favourite experience whilst at primary school!

Prehistoric Icon


Learn about the lives of our distant ancestors and explore our Stone Age / Bronze Age village.

Roman Icon


Learn about life as a new recruit to the Roman Army and about the wider impact of Roman civilisation on life in Britain.

Viking Helmet Murton Park


Learn about the life of a Viking settler and explore our on-site Viking settlement.

WW2 Icon


Gain an insight into the life of an evacuee in the early days of the second World War.

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